Cristiano Ambrosini al lavoro nella sua casa-laboratorio

Cristiano Ambrosini was born in 1976 in province of Verona, where he actually lives and works. Since he was young he showed interest in the world of art in general, and during a school trip in Ravenna he was strongly impressed by the splendour of Byzantine mosaics. Although his training and professional paths have led him in different directions, into adulthood he has been able to follow up on his interest thanks to Paolo Brenzoni Art School in Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella (VR), by which he deepens the issues regarding ancient, classic and modern mosaic, attending a three-years course taught by a professional teacher. During this period he acquires personality, technique and manual skills which allow him to work in complete autonomy. Continually to the search and experimentation, he partecipates in group exhibitions and competitions. He ha been member of the association "Accademia d'Arte e Artigianato artistico di Verona"; actually he is part of the artistic groups "Soave in Arte" in Soave (VR) and "Incontro d'Arte" in Cerea  (VR).

MonteOrtigara5 is the handmade brand by which he presents his works to the public, unique pieces characterized by originality and precision in the execution,